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Started in Southern California by Shah Siddiki and Zayn Batasee, SSR Performance began as an aftermarket BMW parts manufacturer. With the Mechanical and Aerospace engineering backgrounds of both co-founders, designing parts was second nature. Along with the sale of parts came the undeniable need for a location to be able to install these parts. With over 10 years of combined automotive expertise between the founders, the decision was made to open SSR Performance's first location in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA.




These are, what we believe to be, VERY simple ideas that make us different from our competition. What does that mean for you as our customer? We guarantee that every product you purchase under the SSR Performance brand name has been rigorously tested and holds an extremely high level of quality. All products are designed and assembled in the USA and are PERSONALLY examined by us to ensure that there are no product defects whatsoever.


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Your Premier Installer of Paint Protection Film

We are proud to provide premier quality paint protection film and installation services for all types of vehicles in the Southern California Area. Premier Auto Armow focues on paint protection film, window tint and ceramic coatings.

PureTrack has over 100 car enthusiasts join us for a day of fun at every event and several thousand site visitors every month. Let us help you get your name out to our community. Please contact for details.